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Rhinoplasty Questions

Rhinoplasty Questions

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the technical term for nasal surgery. Through nose surgery, an entire nose can be restructured to add balance to your facial features or simply touched up to better compliment your facial structure.

How Can the Nose Be Adjusted?

Dr. Daria Hamrah employs a wide range of techniques in order to best meet your aesthetic goals. Cosmetic enhancements for rhinoplasty include:

  • Sculpting the nose tip
  • Increasing or decreasing the nose size
  • Restructuring the nasal bridge
  • Adjusting nostril shape

Who Can Benefit From Rhinoplasty?

Patients who are unhappy with their nose shape to the point that their self-esteem is dragged down and those having suffered facial trauma that resulted in a deformed nose can benefit from nose surgery.

However, it’s impossible to consider until the nasal bone is fully developed, which occurs at age 15 in women and 17 in men.

Patients should be in good physical and mental health prior to the procedure.

What Are the Risks Of Rhinoplasty?

As with any Cosmetic facial surgery procedure, patients run the risk of being dissatisfied with the outcome. This is why Dr. Hamrah discusses patient goals during pre-surgery consultations. Additional risks include:

  • Scarring on the nose’s underside
  • Red spots caused by burst blood vessels
  • Future surgical procedures to realign tissue

What is the Procedure Like?

The first step in nasal surgery is an incision being made to expose nasal cartilage and bone beneath the skin. Dr. Hamrah then takes extreme care in sculpting the cartilage and bone to create the desired nasal aesthetics.

Once the desired nasal shape is achieved, Dr. Hamrah stitches the incision back together and applies bandaging. The process rarely takes more than two hours.

Why Dr. Hamrah?

When deciding on a cosmetic surgeon, it’s vital that you do adequate investigation. With any surgeon you consult, be sure to:

  • View before and after photos of actual patients
  • Research their credentials
  • Agree with their philosophy

Being an oral and maxillofacial cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Hamrah approaches cosmetic surgery from the inside out. In his view, cosmetic surgery is much like making a bed nicely: there’s no point in covering a lumpy mattress with a beautiful bedcover. Therefore, for every cosmetic procedure, Dr. Hamrah considers both the bone structure as well as outside aesthetics in determining the best route for optimal appearance enhancements. Being an artist, Dr. Hamrah has the necessary “eye” for aesthetics and settles for nothing less than perfection.

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If you are considering rhinoplasty and live in the Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia area, please contact Dr. Hamrah today to schedule your personal consultation to see if nose surgery is right for you.

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