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Rhinoplasty Candidacy

Rhinoplasty Candidacy

If you are dissatisfied with the way your nose looks, you may be a good candidate for open or closed rhinoplasty. This facial cosmetic surgery procedure can modify any aspect of your nose appearance with which you are dissatisfied. Our experienced Northern Virginia rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Daria Hamrah can determine whether this procedure can achieve your desired nose outcome.

Cosmetic and Functional Nose Issues

Dr. Hamrah can perform rhinoplasty to address just about any dissatisfaction you have with the appearance of your nose. Common areas of concern for rhinoplasty candidates include:

  • Undesirable nose size
  • Undesirable nose width
  • Bulbous nose tip
  • Drooping nose tip
  • Enlarged nostrils
  • Hump in nose bridge
  • Depressions in nose bridge

In addition to cosmetic issues, some rhinoplasty candidates having breathing problems that may be addressed with nose surgery. Sometimes, an improperly shaped nose can make it difficult to breathe properly. By improving the shape of your nose, you can experience improved nose aesthetics and easier breathing.

Other Rhinoplasty Considerations

To be a rhinoplasty candidate, you should generally be in good health. You need to be healthy to undergo surgery and recovery. Dr. Hamrah and his team can discuss health factors in more detail during your consultation, and they can address any of your questions about rhinoplasty.

As a rhinoplasty candidate, you should be prepared to except the factors accompanying surgery. There are certain rare, but inherent risks to surgery that will be explained to you. You also must be prepared to plan for the recovery process, which will require some time away from work and social activities.

Rhinoplasty can only be performed on a nose that is no longer developing. If you think it may be appropriate for your teen to consider rhinoplasty, the procedure can be performed on young women at least age 15, and young men no younger than 17. Dr. Hamrah can discuss other candidacy factors as related to teens during a personal consultation.

In Northern Virginia, rhinoplasty surgery is offered by facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Daria Hamrah. Please contact Nova Surgicare PC to schedule a consultation.

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