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Types of Oral Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery includes many types of surgery to improve your oral health, relieve pain, and to achieve aesthetic goals. It includes reconstructive jaw surgery as well as other corrective surgeries and the removal of impacted teeth.

Extracting Impacted Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth are a very common problem that is treated with oral surgery. Other teeth such as molars and canines can also become impacted causing significant oral health problems.

Periodontal Surgery

When gum disease has advanced to the point that other means of treatment are no longer indicated, periodontal surgery becomes necessary. Periodontitis damages the tissues surrounding teeth and can lead to jaw bone loss.

Reconstructive Oral Surgery

The need for reconstructive oral surgery can be congenital or the result of trauma or disease. Reconstructive surgery may be performed in preparation for other procedures, such as bone grafting or sinus lifting before dental implant surgery. It can be an emergency procedure, such as when the jaw bone is fractured in an accident. You may also need reconstructive jaw surgery after surgeries used to treat disease such as tumor removal that requires the removal of part of the jawbone.

Babies and young children often need reconstructive oral surgery to correct a cleft lip of palate.

Correcting a Misaligned Bite

A misaligned bite can cause chronic pain, difficulty chewing, snoring, and other health problems. A severe overbite or under bite also detracts from the beauty of your face. Orthognathic surgery corrects a misaligned bite.

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