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Patient Information

Patient Information

It is our goal to provide the finest oral and maxillofacial surgical care, the best results from facial surgery, and a wide range of non-surgical solutions in order for our patients to meet all their cosmetic goals without the stress of “going under”.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Hamrah, he will take as much time as necessary to accommodate all your questions and provide you with the information necessary to make your decision.

For patients who need immediate surgical care, Dr. Hamrah will always stay late and has emergency services to other doctors. Your surgery will never have to be delayed until Monday.

Since our office is conveniently located next to numerous hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, we are extremely accommodating for out of town patients seeking optimal care and treatment.

If you are considering facial surgery, it is vital that you choose the right cosmetic surgeon to avoid compromising your oral health and facial aesthetics. Dr. Hamrah has many years of experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery, affording him a unique perspective on cosmetic surgery: rather than looking only at aesthetics, such as visible sagging, asymmetry or aging signs, Dr. Hamrah takes the underlying bone structure into account. After all, there’s no point in spreading a beautiful bed cover over a bed if the mattress is lump (in other words, if the bones are problematic, fixing aesthetics won’t be a viable solution).

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