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Medical uses of BOTOX

Medical uses of BOTOX

You may think that BOTOX is only used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, but other medical uses of BOTOX have been found to be highly effective. Only a trained doctor or maxillofacial surgeon should administer BOTOX for the purposes listed below.

Cervical Dystonia (CD)

Cervical dystonia, or spasmodic torticollis, is the involuntary jerking of the head to one side, up, or down. It most commonly occurs in middle-aged women, but may occur to either gender at any age, including infancy. CD is an extremely rare condition which has been linked to faulty chemical message processing in the brain, and may occur after a neck or brain injury, or due to a tumor.

There is no cure for CD, but the strategic injection of BOTOX into the muscles in the affected region can decrease or alleviate symptoms entirely for a period of time.

Eyelid Spasm (Blepharoplasm)

Blepharoplasm, or eyelid spasms, are likely to be preceded by dry eye, and are also linked to the brain. The portion of the brain which controls coordinated movements may send faulty signals, creating a twitch or spasm in the eyelids. In most cases this is not a debilitating condition, but it may be treated by the application of BOTOX to the affected area, which helps block the faulty signals being sent by the brain to the eyelids and inhibiting the spasm.

Crossed Eyes (Strabismus)

Crossed eyes or strabismus is often caused by tension in the area around the eyes, pulling the eye to one side or the other. BOTOX may be applied to the affected muscles to help relax them and relieve strabismus.

Severe Underarm Sweating

For individuals who suffer from severe underarm sweating, the use of topical medications may not work, or may only minimize the sweating, leaving discomfort and self-consciousness. If you suffer from severe underarm sweating, you may experience sweating even in cooler temperatures, or to such an extent that the sweating is constantly apparent even under long-sleeved garments.

BOTOX injected under the arms can treat severe underarm sweating, and in half of the tested patients relieved symptoms for more than six months. BOTOX for underarm sweating may affect each individual differently, and some individuals will experience greater symptom relief than others, or relief for longer or shorter periods of time.

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