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One of the most common signs of facial aging is the loss of volume in the mid face/cheek area. Juvederm Voluma™ XC, the newest dermal filler from Allergan was created to address this problem. Similar to Juvederm XC, Voluma is used to treat several facial areas including the sensitive areas around the mouth and nose, however, it is unique in that it is the first and only hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal filler approved by the FDA to instantly increase the volume of the cheeks.

Advantages of Voluma:

  • Formulated with Lidocaine (an anesthetic) to reduce discomfort by numbing the injection area during treatment.
  • Voluma has very low hydrophilic properties, meaning that it has a very low rate of water-absorption. While a product with a high rate of water absorption is great as a wrinkle filler, it is not always ideal as a volumizer.
  • Voluma has superior lifting capability.
  • Voluma remains very cohesive, meaning the gel does not spread out once it has been injected resulting in a beautiful lift to the cheek area.

How long can I expect to see results?

The natural-looking results of Voluma last up to two years with optimal treatment.

Which area of the face can be treated with Voluma?

Although Voluma can be used to treat several areas of the face it is the only FDA approved to add volume to the mid face/ cheek area. Other areas which can be treated are the areas around the mouth and nose and jowls area.

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