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Blepharoplastic Surgery Post-Operative Instruction Sheet

Blepharoplastic Surgery Post-Operative Instruction Sheet

1) No dressings are applied to the eyes following surgery. It is important to continuously keep cold compresses on your eyes 30 minutes on and off. A bag of frozen peas works best. Continue cold compresses over the eyelids for 24 hours, then switch to warm, moist heat.
2) Apply Bacitracin ointment for 1 week to incision lines to keep the wounds clean of crusting.

3) Sleep with your head elevated for one (1) week.

4) Apply sterile saline eye drops, such as Artificial Tears, to your eyes if they feel dry or irritated.

5) Occasionally, a small area of swelling or reddish bumps are seen on or around incision lines; these disappear as healing progresses.

6) Swelling, bruising, and redness of varying degrees may occur. They last for approximately two (2)weeks.

7) Sutures will be removed 8-10 days.

8) Avoid bending over or lifting heavy objects for one (1) week. No strenuous exercise for at least four (4) weeks.

9) Do not apply any makeup to the eye for the first ten (10) days following surgery.

10) Do not wear contact lenses for ten (10) days. Wear glasses, if necessary, being sure they do not pull on the incision line.

11) Do not pluck eyebrows for two (2) weeks following surgery.

12) Apply ice pack 20 minutes on and off only during the 24 hours after your surgery.

13) Report any eye pain or change in your vision to the office.

14) No signing documents the day of your surgery.

16) No heavy exercise, running, or lifting for 2 weeks.

17) No driving for one week following your procedure.

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