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Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products


At Nova SurgiCare, we are proud to provide our patients with our exclusive Hamrah Aesthetics skin care products as non-surgical solutions to meet their cosmetic goals. Hamrah Aesthetics skin products are curated formula by Dr. Daria Hamrah and unique in that they can completely transform your skin at the cellular level, leaving your skin looking refreshed, younger and healthier.

Why Hamrah Aesthetics?

Our Hamrah Aesthetics therapeutic skin care products are created using layered systems of the highest quality of medical-grade ingredients. Hamrah Aesthetics utilizes the optimal concentrations of purified actives, proprietary effective delivery systems and lowest preservative levels to bring results to even the most sensitive, post procedure skin.

Optimal results are received when correctly layering products that are formulated to complement each other. This is because they work together to effectively balance your skin’s pH level and the ingredients penetrate numerous skin layers to achieve impressive results.

Hamrah Aesthetics products also come in prescription strength to improve skin cell function, they are not available from the department or retail stores. These sub-par products simply mask the damage by fixing the surface layer, as opposed to Hamrah Aesthetics that is long-lasting by correcting numerous skin layers.

Every product has been personally tried and tested by Dr. Daria Hamrah and the Hamrah Aesthetics staff, because you deserve to feel confident in the skin you’re in. All made in the USA and cruelty-free.


Our Hamrah Aesthetics products are available for purchase in-office or online and delivery to your door.

If you live in the Washington, D.C. or northern Virginia areas and are considering an Hamrah Aesthetics skin product to meet your cosmetic goals, please contact Dr. Hamrah today to schedule your personal consultation.

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