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Rhinoplasty Post-Operative Instruction Sheet

Rhinoplasty Post-Operative Instruction Sheet

1. Elevate both head and shoulders by placing couch cushions or a rolled blanket under the mattress and sleep on 1 to 2 pillows. This will minimize swelling
2. Keep ice gel pack (frozen peas work fine) across your nose and eyes. If you tuck your pillow under your shoulders to allow the head to go back slightly, it will help to keep the ice gel pack in place.
3. Stay on clear liquids the first twenty-four hours. If you are very nauseated or vomit more than once, please call the doctor for medication.
4. Use medications as prescribed. Avoid aspirin (Tylenol is fine).
5. Stay quiet! Too much activity could stir up bleeding. This means no Lifting, running, bending, or other physical activity.
6. If you have packing inside your nose, you will be instructed to return to the office (unless other arrangements have been made) the day following surgery.
7. Once packing (if applicable) has been removed, begin soaking your nose four or more times a day by inserting a small pinch of cotton into each nostril and soaking it with saline until it runs into your throat. After 5-10 minutes, remove the cotton and sniff in more saline.
8. Line each nostril opening with Bacitracin Ointment applied with a Q-tip. General Information:
1. Slight bloody drainage is normal. It is okay to remove and change the small drip pad under the nose as often as needed. Always keep your nasal dressing dry.
2. Do not rub or blot your nose with Kleenex or a handkerchief.
3. Do not sniff or blow your nose. Try not to sneeze, but if you do, sneeze through your mouth for the first two (2) weeks after surgery.
4. Take the pain medication every 4-6 hours if needed. If you have no pain, do not take the medication.
5. The tip of the nose sometimes feels numb after surgery, but this feeling will gradually disappear. Occasionally, the front teeth with feel “funny”, but this will also disappear.
6. A liquid diet is best after the surgery, Avoid dairy food especially the first day. Begin by taking liquids slowly and progress to soups or gelatin. You can start a regular diet the next day. Avoid foods that require excessive lip movement, like apples or corn on the cob, for at least two (2) weeks.
7. While the cast is on, you can have the hair washed “beauty salon fashion.” Do not get the cast wet.


8. Do not do anything that could result in a blow to your nose for eight (8) weeks after surgery.
9. After the cast is removed, do not allow anything to rest on your nose for eight (8) weeks. Glasses should be taped to the forehead if needed. (We will show you how.)
10. Protect your nose from excess exposure to the sun for eight (8) weeks after surgery.
11. Notify us of any excess pain, rise in temperature above 100 degrees or injury to your nose. Nasal Surgery Expectations:
The cast will be removed approximately one (1) week after surgery. At that time, the nose will appear swollen and turned up at the tip. Ninety-five percent of the swelling will subside rapidly over the next few days as the nose begins to approximate its eventual shape. However, it usually takes up to one (1) year for the last five percent of the swelling to disappear. This will not be noticed and will not detract from the appearance of the nose. The inside of the nose will also be swollen. This will result in nasal blockage which will progressively decrease with time. After the cast is removed, the nose can be washed gently with a sensitive-skin cleanser and makeup can be applied. Moisturizing creams can be used if the nose is dry. Sunscreen and a full line of skin care products may be purchased through our office at a very reasonable cost.

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