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Putting the Freeze on Wrinkles

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin

Dr. Daria Hamrah is one of the most sought after facial cosmetic surgeons in Mclean and Northern Virginia for his artistic approach in administering Botox, Dysport and Xeomin to reduce lines and wrinkles and reverse the signs of age. In this blog posting, Dr. Hamrah offers and inside look into the aging process and reveals how Botox, Xeomin and Dysport actually work to erase lines and wrinkles.




Lines and Wrinkles Begin To Form at an Early Age

For most individuals wrinkles begin to form in the late teens and early-twenties. While genetics and lifestyle choices such as, cigarette smoking, sun exposure, caffeine, alcohol consumption and environmental pollution, play a pivotal role in how well we age, certain processes can’t be avoided.


Starting out as dynamic lines, wrinkles are initially visible when making certain facial expressions, such as a frown or smile. Squinting, stress and intense concentration also take their toll and with time the wrinkles caused by these repeated facial movements become static… meaning they are noticeable even when our face is perfectly relaxed and motionless.


While a few lines can add character to one’s features, multiple and deep lines serve to detract from the overall beauty and youthfulness of one’s appearance. Particularly vulnerable, and often the first to reveal the signs of age, are the forehead, the area between the eyebrows and the delicate skin around the eyes.


The lips are a bit more resilient, however with the passage of years vertical lines make their debut around the vermillion border. For smokers and sun worshippers these markers are more pronounced and can be readily evident in one’s thirties.


Botox, Dysport and Xeomin Put the Freeze on Lines and Wrinkles

Now a household name, Allergan’s Botox Cosmetic is a well-known treatment option, Medicis’s Dysport and Merz’s Xeomin are two others. Classified under a category of injectables referred to as neuromodulators, these FDA approved “denervating agents” temporarily block the muscles nerve receptors.


For a visual illustration of how neuromodulators work, one may think of gently “freezing” the muscles. This reduces both the quantity and intensity of the muscle’s ability to contract. No muscle contraction, no wrinkle. It’s that simple!


Typically, a small amount of the denervating solution is injected into the muscles directly above the area where lines and wrinkles appear. Within five to seven days of treatment these lines and wrinkles are thoroughly diminished, revealing a younger and happier looking you.


As a non-invasive procedure, Botox, Dysport or Xeomin is a quick and painless treatment that delivers outstanding results for expression related creases on the face and neck, with benefits that can last from three to six months (depending on individual variation on drug metabolism).


An Artistic Approach to Administering Botox, Dysport and Xeomin

Ecstatic with their results patients often want to know Dr. Hamrah’s secret. When the question arises, patients are surprised to find, there really is no secret.. JUST SKILL..


Botox, Dysport and Xeomin have been on the market for quite some time, and as the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure in the United States, many physicians and spas have jumped on the Botox band wagon, so to speak. This has given rise to a wave of practitioners with little training in facial anatomy, muscles and nerves to promote themselves as self-ordained experts in the field.


While it is true that treatment with a neuromodulator is relatively quick and painless: training, skill and expertise play a prominent role in the results that one achieves. Selecting the best therapy among the three options that are available today, and knowing when, where and precisely how much to administer is a specific talent acquired through years of dedication in the field of cosmetic surgery, facial structure and anatomy.


For the best results, patients should always choose a facial cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist with specific training in anti-aging treatments and facial rejuvenation.


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