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Silicone Lip Implants – The permanent, cost-effective solution!

Everyday, more and more patients are requesting non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation. One of the most popular after Botox injections are dermal fillers and lip augmentation.
There are many dermal fillers that are used for lip augmentation, however none of them currently last longer that 6-9 months.

Why choose permanent lip implants versus dermal fillers?

With the fairly new silicone lip implants we now have an excellent alternative to dermal fillers. This will save patients many cumbersome visits compared to dermal fillers and more over, lots of money over time.
The implants are made out of soft solid silicone and feel extremely natural after placement. With these, we also have the first permanent implants for the lips that are removable and easily retrievable in case of patient dissatisfaction. Depending on the desired augmentation they come in three different sizes and various lengths that are chosen according to your current lip size.

The procedure is minimally invasive, leaves no scars, can be performed under local anesthesia and typically takes about 15 to 20 minutes in the hands of an experienced surgeon. The outcome of this procedure is very predictable and rarely there are complications like bruising, prolonged swelling or infection. Not many surgeons are trained and familiar with this technique and for best results you should seek a surgeon that has performed many of these implants.

How can I find out more about permanent lip implants?

For more information, please call us at 1-800-820-6330 and schedule a personal consultation with me. You can also visit the companies official website at and search for qualified and trained surgeons in your area.

The patient below had Perma Facial Implants to her upper and lower lip as well as Radiesse to her nasolabial folds. The top picture is before and below is the after picture.

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