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Chemical Peel

Chemical peels range from very mild to very deep. A deep chemical peel can have very dramatic results and even remove precancerous cells. It is a non-surgical procedure, but that term can be misleading in regard to both the effectiveness of a chemical peel and the significance of recovery period.

Non-Surgical is Not Always Minor

The results of a deep chemical peel can dramatically improve the texture and appearance of your skin. The beauty of a chemical peel vs. facial surgery is that it does not alter the natural shape of your face, but it can significantly reduce wrinkles and improve the texture and plumpness of your skin.

However, it is important to understand that a chemical peel removes layers of skin, and can require significant downtime and proper care of your skin after the procedure to ensure proper healing.

You must plan ahead for your chemical peel according to the depth of the peel you choose.

Controlling the Results

You do have choices. You can choose a mild peel. The results are less dramatic, but so is the recovery process. You may even choose to have mild peels on a regular basis. Initially you will experience scaling and peeling, but your skin will adjust and the recovery will be less significant over time.

Complementing Other Procedures

A chemical peel is great on its own, but it can also be performed in combination with other procedures. For instance, a face lift does not address fine lines, but a chemical peel can be used with a facelift to improve the overall quality of your skin.

If you are considering a chemical peel, please contact NOVA SurgiCare, PC to schedule a consultation with facial cosmetic surgeon Daria Hamrah in the Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area.

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