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What are Chin Implants?

The underlying components of your face influence your outward facial appearance. Facial implants, including those for the chin, address structural issues beneath your skin to create defined facial contours and an appealing face shape.

Placed within your chin, a chin implant can:

  • Project the chin outward
  • Widen the chin
  • Create a larger, defined chin

Chin implant surgery surged in popularity last year. This procedure creates a stronger, defined jaw and improves facial balance. If you have a weak chin, it may be poorly defined from your neck. A chin implant can increase the projection of your chin so that it stands out as a defined facial feature. A chin implant can also create a larger, wider chin that creates a stronger jaw line.

A chin implant or other facial implant is just one of the ways to create balance between facial features and define facial contours. Like a facelift, a chin implant achieves a visible jaw line. Chin implants are popular among both men and women. A chin implant can create a strong masculine appearance to the lower face, but many women can also benefit from a stronger chin.

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