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Do you have long, deep, stretching forehead wrinkles that you wish would just go away? Feeling jealous of other people’s fantastically smooth skin? They have a life-changing secret – Botox. And you can have it, too.
Botox impedes or weaken the signals your nerves send to your muscles. After Botox is injected into your frontalis muscles (the muscles in the forehead region), they relax and stay relaxed. Whenever you unconsciously raise your eyebrows, the muscles do not respond as severely. Your forehead wrinkles ease away or disappear entirely, giving you the perfect skin you deserve.
The key to getting rid of forehead wrinkles is within your grasp, so contact our office today to set up a consultation with our staff of medical professionals. You’ll speak with Dr. Daria Hamrah, a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of Botox experience.

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