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A saddle nose deformity is when a person has a scooping, concave area in the center region of the bridge of their nose. To recontour their nose and correct this malformation, many people elect to undergo rhinoplasty surgery.
To understand how a saddle nose deformity comes about, it’s helpful to learn a bit of nasal anatomy. The middle third of the bridge of the nose is called the middle vault. When the septum – an internal part of the nose made of cartilage and bone – has been damaged, a middle vault collapse can happen, creating a saddle nose deformity. A surgeon must correct septal damage before dealing with any other part of the rhinoplasty surgery, because the septum is a major support element in the nose’s internal architecture.
Corrective saddle nose rhinoplasty procedures are performed frequently, often with life-changing results. Dr. Daria Hamrah is a skilled, board-certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience. Arrange a visit to learn more by contacting our office today.

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