Facial Fillers for Fabulously Fuller Cheeks

Facial Fillers for Fabulously Fuller Cheeks

Cosmetic_Facial_Fillers_2Everyone wants them, not everyone has them, but now they can be yours. Fuller cheeks that accent your natural beauty and reverse the signs of age are finally within everyone’s reach with today’s multi-purpose cosmetic facial fillers.


Dr. Daria Hamrah and the NOVA SurgiCare team share the most popular treatment options for significantly enhancing ones appearance. In this article, Dr. Hamrah addresses one of the most prominent facial features affected by genetics and age; namely, the cheeks and mid-face. Small improvements in these areas can have a dramatic and positive impact on one’s appearance and self-esteem.


Facial Symmetry


Since the ancient Greeks developed the golden mean, geometrical symmetry has served as the standard by which we measure beauty and proportion. Scientific studies have demonstrated that we are more attracted to individuals who demonstrate a harmonious balance between the left and right side of their face, as opposed to their more asymmetrical counterparts. How the eye evaluates this symmetry happens so quickly it might aptly be termed unconscious. However, if you study the faces of the most attractive male and female actors and models you’ll notice that a common trait they share is evenly and well defined proportions.


If you’d like to evaluate the symmetry of your own facial proportions you can begin with a steady gaze into the bathroom mirror. Begin by pulling your hair away from your face and securing it with a clip. Next, tilt your head back slightly to see the reflection of your nostrils. Are they evenly sized and shaped or is one nostril larger or slanted? Following this initial observation, return your head to a normal resting position and look straight ahead into your mirror; with a sheet of paper cover the right side of your face and take notice of its contours, then switch sides and evaluate the left side of your face.


Correcting Facial Symmetry with Cosmetic Facial Fillers


If you perform this simple test you will probably notice some variation between the right and left side of your face, which can range from minor to acute depending upon your genetic predisposition. Over the last decade tremendous strides have been made in the cosmetic filler category, which makes it easier than ever to correct and harmonize these facial imperfections. As an added bonus, most of today’s cosmetic facial fillers are made of bio-compatible substances that are naturally found in the human body which means they do not require any patch testing prior to their use.


Facial Sagging and Cheek Deflation


As part of the normal aging process, facial volume dissipates with the passage of time. Once rosy and robust cheeks slowly become deflated, and flattened. In addition to the cheeks, the mid-face begins to sag, promoting deep wrinkles in the nasolabial folds which result in a tired and drawn appearance.


In the past, these tell tales signs of age could only be addressed with a surgical solution such as a mid or full facelift or a permanent solution such as silicone injections.


That has changed in recent years with the advent of newer treatment options including cosmetic facial fillers. Cosmetic facial fillers serve to restore facial volume loss in the deeper layers of the dermis and they are one of the best and most powerful means at our disposal for retarding and reversing the signs of age.


These modalities, most commonly recognized by their trade names; Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Voluma, and Radiesse, fall into the treatment category of non-invasive injectable therapies which means they require little to no downtime after they are administered. Treatment with a cosmetic facial filler usually takes 30 minutes or less time and most patients choose to return to work or their usual routine directly following their visit. It is, however, prudent to schedule any non-invasive cosmetic procedure at least one week prior to a special event or engagement.


Types of Cosmetic Facial Fillers: Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Voluma, and Radiesse


As discussed previously in this article, most injectable cosmetic fillers are bio-compatible, meaning they are formed of substances found naturally in the human body. At NOVA SurgiCare, we offer our patients an array of the most promising and innovative breakthroughs in the cosmetic facial filler and anti-aging arena. Different cosmetic facial fillers are more aptly attuned to perform different functions. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Restylane , and Perlane offer a light aqueous fell making them ideal for filling deep lines and wrinkles, while the thicker consistency of Voluma and Radiesse make them the filler of choice for contouring facial features.


 Dr. Hamrah always hand selects the best cosmetic facial filler or combination of injectables to achieve the most remarkable results.

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