Earlobe Repair Mclean and Northern Virginia

Earlobe Repair Mclean and Northern Virginia

Torn earlobes, stretched earlobes, and sagging, wrinkling earlobes can be repaired safely and effectively with little or no downtime at Nova Surgicare’s state-of-the art facial cosmetic center.




Board certified facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Daria Hamrah tells us that torn earlobes have become more commonplace in recent years.   Among the causes, large earrings and heavy jewelry are high on the list of culprits, resulting in trauma to the lobe that occurs slowly over time.  The first sign that the lobe is at risk is a widening and elongation of the piercings made to accommodate hoops, studs and other types of ornamentation.      Earrings snagging themselves on a favorite sweater or jacket can also promote a tear in the soft, fatty tissue of the earlobe.   During the winter months these occurrences usually rise due to the many layers of clothing women and men wear in an effort to stay warm.  More layers can mean more opportunities for an earring to accidently rip the earlobe.



Repairing a Torn Earlobe

In most instances a torn earlobe can be repaired immediately.  However, if the trauma to the ear causes excessive swelling Dr. Hamrah may advise that you wait for the inflammation to subside before the correction is performed.  In either circumstance it is best to have a board certified cosmetic surgeon evaluate the situation as soon as possible.


There are several different methods that can be used to repair the earlobe depending upon the nature of the injury and the amount of soft tissue that was lost.   As with all his surgeries, Dr. Hamrah takes a very artistic approach to closing the wound, redistributing the tissue and reshaping the ear to match its original contours.   Torn earlobe repair is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic at Dr. Hamrah’s office.     Pain medication is seldom needed or prescribed.  Following the procedure, a light dressing of antibiotic ointment is applied and any minor discomfort can usually be off-set by over the counter medications.


Following a Torn Earlobe Repair

Sutures are usually removed one week after surgery.  Once the healing process is complete, it will be hard to distinguish that a tear ever occurred.   In time ears may once again be pierced and earrings, albeit a lighter variety, can be worn.


Sagging and Wrinkled Earlobes

As the years pass, soft, fatty tissue begins to dissipate and shift locations.   We tend to lose fat in places where we want it, such as the cheeks and jawline; and gain it in places that promote less attractive features, such as under eye puffiness and loose jowls.

While many women and men are concerned with restoring the youthful contours of their face, the earlobes are an area that can benefit from a little anti-aging rescue as well.     By the early forties, the plumpness of the earlobes begins to wane and piercings can become more pronounced than desirable.   The loss of fatty tissue continues and by the late 50’s and early 60’s a marked sagging and elongation of the ear and earlobe occurs.


Earlobe Rejuvenation with a Cosmetic Facial Filler

Today’s cosmetic facial fillers offer us unprecedented opportunities for reversing the signs of age, including those that appear as the slackening of skin around the lobes.   When offering correction and youth restoring benefits to the earlobes, Dr. Hamrah prefers a hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane, Perlane or Juvederm.   The light, aqueous consistency of these cosmetic fillers makes them ideally suited for restoring plumpness to the area.


Earlobe rejuvenation with a cosmetic facial filler is one of those truly remarkable “little tweaks” that takes the results of your anti-aging treatment from youthfully refreshed to absolutely fabulous.     To learn more we invite you to call us at Nova Surgicare or visit our fill in the “Ask Dr. Hamrah” form on our website.

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