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Ethnic Skin Care Essentials Part III



Cosmetic Surgery for Women of Color

According to a recent medical study, cosmetic facial surgery procedures increased an average of 6% throughout the nation in 2013 compared to 2012. Statistically, the entire cosmetic category has experienced remarkable growth over the last decade. Certainly a baby boomer population touted as the most youthful generation to ever exist is one reason for the marked rise. Other and perhaps just as important reasons are the advancements in surgical techniques which include minimally invasive procedures to reverse the signs of age before they become dramatic.

New Trend:

Asian, African American, Latino and Anglo American women are seeking out facial cosmetic surgery in their forties

Twenty five years ago it was virtually unheard of for a forty year old woman to schedule a facelift. At that time most women suffered through the sudden changes to their appearance with little recourse at their disposal. At the advice of their surgeons women waited until their fifties and beyond to undergo surgery, and entered the operating room with the hope of reversing decades of aging.

Today, our knowledge of the aging process has evolved, and we understand that it is better to address the signs of age earlier, rather than later. This may mean utilizing non-invasive therapies such as injectables and lasers, or combining these therapies with minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures such as an endoscopic brow lift, eyelid surgery or weekend facelift.

Cosmetic Surgery to Correct and Perfect Facial Features

Side by side with the desire to reverse and ward off the signs of age, there exists a desire among many women, to correct and perfect facial features. A propensity for dark circles and under eye bags has less to do with age, and more to do with hereditary tendencies, as do downward slopping eyelids, large or hooked noses, a heavy jawline and an accumulation of fat under the chin and neck.

As with other types of cosmetic facial surgery there are a number of surgical options available to correct these facial imperfections and improve one’s appearance. For surgeons, one of the most gratifying aspects of our work is the life changing difference that eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, facial contouring, and neck lifts can make in the lives of our patients.

 Cosmetic Surgery for Women of Color and Diverse Ethnicities

While we are all unique individuals with a physiology, bone structure, muscle density and appearance that belongs solely to us; everyone one of us is also part of a specific genetic and cultural collective. As such we may inherit some of the more common and stereotypical characteristics of our ethnic group.

Examples include:

Deep set hooded eyes and angular jaw common among Asian ancestry

  • Larger nose common among Western European, Middle Eastern and Latino ancestry
  • Fuller lips and wider nose common among African American ancestry

Asian women may seek out facial cosmetic surgery to contour the shape of their eyes and jaw. Western European, Middle Eastern and Latino women may desire a less prominent and better balanced nose, while African American women may want to reduce lip volume and refine the shape of their nose.

Facial cosmetic surgery can accomplish each of these goals and provide one with a sense of empowerment over one’s appearance.

Precautions for Asian, African American and Latino Women Seeking Cosmetic Facial Surgery

As with all cosmetic surgeries it is important to seek out a surgeon with skill and expertise in addressing your specific aesthetic goals. For women of color, including Asian, African American and Latino women it is also imperative that the surgeon have skill and knowledge of your particular ethnic background. Your surgeon should have the desire and ability to achieve results that will harmonize all of your facial features, and enhance and beautify the most appealing facial characteristics of you and the wonderful ethnic background that is a part of you.

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