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Facelifts for Younger Patients

Reversing the signs of age before they become dramatic
There was a time in the not too distant past when women and men waited until the signs of age were quite dramatic before they sought out the skill of a qualified facial surgeon. Those days, are gone. While a talented surgeon can still remedy the effects of time exhibited by someone in their sixties, the better and more common approach today is to address the signs of age as the appear, with smaller and minimally invasive procedures.


Nowadays it is common for women and men in their early to mid-forties to consult with a facial cosmetic surgeon about available treatment options. An added benefit experienced by those who choose elective cosmetic procedures early on are threefold.

The benefits of cosmetic surgery for younger women and men are threefold
1. There is a marked improvement in appearance because the skin and underlying muscles are in good shape. While each case is different, it is fair to say that a 40 something year old undergoing a mini facelift can erase as much as ten years from h/her age.
2. Also attributed to the healthy disposition and resilience of the skin and muscles, the effects of surgery last longer. Again, it should be stressed that we are all unique human beings so one should expect some variation in how the aging process will resume and progress after surgery however, it is quite common for a woman who underwent a mini-lift in her early forties to look like she is in her thirties, as she moves into her fifties.
3. For younger individuals the amount of correction required is minimal, which means the recommended techniques that are used are endoscopic and minimally invasive. A relatively small amount of lifting is required, and the removal of excess skin is marginal, which adds up to incredibly natural looking results. Your friends and coworkers will compliment you on how good you look without ever guessing the reason for the increase in your attractiveness.

Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Requests by Younger Women and Men

The Forehead and Brow Lift
Undoubtedly one of the most requested procedures to erase the signs of age from one’s face. We are seeing women and men use neuromodulators such as botox, dysport and xeomin, in their thirties to gently relax expression related lines on their forehead and brow. Neuromodulators are a fantastic non-invasive anti-aging remedy and they do much to ward off the signs of age. However, they require upkeep. To maintain your results follow-up treatment is required three to four times a year.

An endoscopic forehead and brow lift eliminates the need for routine maintenance. An endoscopic forehead and brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure. For individuals in their early to mid-forties, Dr. Hamrah is particularly careful in exercising the least amount of excess skin to achieve the desired results.

After healing is complete you’ll notice increased smoothness as lines and wrinkles are erased from your forehead. Additionally, the arch of your brow will be better defined and lifted giving your eyes a more youthful and bright appearance.

The Midface Lift
In our late thirties there is a noticeable loss of facial volume in the mid face. Cheeks loose some of their plumpness and nasolabial folds (lines running down the sides of the nose to the mouth) become visible. As we move into our forties these tell-tale markers become more pronounced.

As its name implies, the Midface Lift addresses the signs of age in the mid face area. These include volume loss, facial folds, slackening skin and wrinkles.

During surgery, Dr. Hamrah addresses both the outer structure of the face and visible signs of age; as well as the underlying muscles, fat and tissue. As with other facial cosmetic surgeries performed earlier rather than later, the procedure itself is less invasive. Once the healing is complete you can expect better defined facial contours and a much younger looking you reflected in the mirror.

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