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Liposuction for Shapelier Facial Contours

In the world of fine art oil painters and sculptors are trained to understand the delicate interplay of shadow and light. Shape, contours and the subsequent beauty of a given work of art are dependent on the artist’s mastery of these elemental aspects of visual form. Too much light and contours fade into an undifferentiated mass, too much shadow and shapes are barely visible.

Art offers us a wonderful analogy for understanding the individual components that make some women and men appear more beautiful than others. As one of Washington D.C.’s top facial cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Hamrah has spent over a decade studying these subtle attributes and utilizing his artistic expertise to provide patients with the beautiful, natural looking results they desire.

Certainly anti-aging treatments and facial rejuvenation are pivotal parts of any cosmetic surgeon’s practice and Nova Surgicare is no exception to this rule. However, for Dr. Hamrah and his team of highly skilled aesthetic professionals helping patients to look younger is only part of the total beauty equation.

Beautifully balanced facial proportions have nothing to do with age
At Nova Surgicare 30% of the women and men who schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamrah seek his advice for concerns that have nothing to do with aging and everything to do with the proportions, balance, and overall beauty of their facial features.

Facial liposuction
In addition to concerns about the shape of their nose, ears or chin many women and men are dissatisfied with the proportions of their cheeks, mid-face, jowls, jawline and neck. An excess of fat in these areas can distort the appearance of one’s face and detract from one’s physical attractiveness. Because these undesirable fat accumulations are inherited predispositions they cannot be reduced by diet or exercise.

Liposuction is a term that many individuals are familiar with which describes a category of cosmetic surgery techniques designed to reduce excess or unwanted fat. Perhaps more aptly an interchangeable term called Liposculpture can be used to define this type of surgery and communicate the level of skill and artistic expertise Dr. Hamrah utilizes in order to achieve optimal results. With facial liposuction Dr. Hamrah can dramatically improve facial contours and provide patients with the beautifully balanced proportions they desire.

Facial liposuction can rid unwanted fat and improve facial contours:
1. In the cheek area
2. Under the chin
3. On the neck
4. In front of the ears

Am I a candidate for facial liposuction?
The first question you need to answer is whether or not you are pleased with your facial contours.
Consider whether your face appears too full? Do your cheeks lack definition? Is the lower portion of your face weighed down by heavy jowls or a double chin? Does your jawline disappear into your neck? Are the contours of your neck without shape or definition?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions than it is very likely that you will love the results achieved from facial liposuction.

How long does a facial liposuction procedure take?
As a minimally invasive facial cosmetic surgery procedure Dr. Hamrah is often able to achieve the desired results in less than one hour. When multiple areas of the face are addressed simultaneously the procedure may take slightly longer. Following the procedure your face will likely be swollen and/or moderately bruised. During the healing process you will be asked to keep your head straight and elevated with a few pillows when you sleep. Results are usually visible within a few weeks as swelling subsides and facial contours assume their newly improved and well defined proportions.

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